Why you need to spring clean your cluttered mind.

What do you think about when you are stuck in traffic?

Do you think about a special someone? Do you think about your family back home? Do you tend to focus on the unfairness of the situation and spend your time damning the cars honking at you to hell? Or are you one of those free spirits who believe that time itself is just an artificial restraint that humanity imposes on itself, and calmly sit at the signal day dreaming? Or you just think about the pending work you have?

Psychologists say that the thoughts you attract when you’re stuck in an idle situation, say a lot about your mental health and where you’re standing emotionally in life.

Think of it this way.

Even in this horribly fast-paced life you are somehow blessed with a glorious little moment of respite where there isn’t a boss you have to please or a deadline you have to meet or a person you have to pretend to like or a long-dead conversation you have to drag out of the freaking grave (we all know those conversations).

There is nothing that needs your immediate attention. The Gods of laziness have chosen to bestow upon you this beautiful little moment of having to do absolutely nothing!

The sheer rarity of such a moment is enough to let your mind wander far and wide and think about literally anything in the world. I mean you could sit and try to come up with a better name for socks (because what a weird name right?), and there wouldn’t be a damn consequence!

And yet, your beautiful brain decides to think about that pile of dishes you have to do when you get home. The cabinet under the sink in the guest bath needs to be cleaned and which friend to ghost this weekend to catch up on laundry. God, I hate unclogging drains and why are humans so messy and when will the garbage be old enough to take itself out. Would it really be so bad if I just started eating out of disposable plates and is quality of life even a real thing and I… should stop before this goes on forever.

The worst part is that we don’t even realize how much of life is passing us by while we worry about these things.


Be mindful of what you are thinking. It’s always important to pause and try to catch what your mind is unconsciously reeling back to. Figure out what is taking up most of the space inside your head and try to organize it so that you make some room for newer, fresher thoughts.

These new thoughts might help you find more creative ways to do your job, they could enable you to land a great business idea. They can let you figure out how to give a cute little surprise to the significant other you may have been neglecting because of work. We never get to these thoughts that make life a better experience. That is because we’re always trying to catch up with small mundane tasks that haunt our to-dos and todays. 

So, get past these pesky little thoughts and start living in the moment, for the moment. As for all the cleaning tasks that are becoming a hindrance in you achieving your full potential, leave them to us and you can check them off your list once and for all!

You just come up with a new name for socks okay?

p.s don’t miss the green light