Secrets of people who always have a clean home

Secrets of people who always have a clean home

Let’s face it; even those of us who despise cleaning fantasise about a home that smells like a walk in a garden of jasmine flowers, like concrete on a rainy day, or looks like it can be featured on AD along with Wiz Khalifa’s mansion.

A home that’s inviting to the heart, refreshing to the eyes, and perfect for our Instagram aesthetic. snaps Aah back to the real world, where your house smells like sweat and your entire mess is lying on THAT chair in your room.

Hold up! What if we tell you we have 5 secrets we stole from people who always have perfectly cleaned homes but spend less time and effort? Yes, now that I have your attention, read along!

1- No more running away from doing dishes

It’s better to wash four dishes than having to wash a mountain of utensils. Doing your dishes as soon as you’re done with them will make you less tired and keep your kitchen spotless. (pro tip: wash the dishes while you’re waiting for your food to cook)

2- Time to be a party thrower

To get used to cleaning efficiently, a key trick is to invite people over. This will eventually induce you to always keep your house smelling fresh and sparkly. Instead of shoving things in your closet or cabinets when guests arrive, have a separate drawer for all the junk which you can sort out later.

3- Make your bed

Yes, I think it’s pointless too. Why make your bed when you’re going to sleep in it again anyway? The secret is that your bed takes up the most space, which is why a bed that’s made makes the overall room look clean. Secondly, research shows that making your bed every morning will result in you getting more things done during the day!

4- The magical rule of decluttering

If you have kids at home or have the tendency to be a messy 5 year old who tends to throw things everywhere (huge relate) then this magical rule is your saviour. Make it a rule to pick up 2 things and put them at their place each time you walk by a room.

5- Fall in love with organising

A few tips and tricks and you will fall in love with being organised. Invest in stuff like jewellery and office supplies organiser, bag organiser, storage bins, shoe racks, colour code your closet etc. Inculcating decor with cleaning will make it more meaningful, and add onto your Tiktok aesthetics wink.

6- TOP SECRET: people with clean homes hire people to clean

Lastly, smart and busy individuals reach out to cleaning services to divide their responsibilities. This allows them to have a thoroughly cleaned home all the time. So when on a day you get out of bed to stumble upon a pair of heels and land into a kitchen drowning in dishes, remember you can always reach out to us to be your fairy godmother.