How I scaled Queendom Cleaning from scratch

Jennifer and her dog

In 2016, I started cleaning homes as a "side hustle"

I had a full time job and I couldn’t get ahead, so I cleaned. My client list grew and along with that my vision grew. I know it is important to listen to people and do what they ask so they feel heard and valued. This vision helped me scale my business.

It scaled so much that I was eventually working two full time jobs: cleaning 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, rushing home to shower, and going to my temporary bar tending job from 4:00 pm until 11:00 pm. I worked 7 days a week. The business continued to scale so that, fast forward, I still worked 12 hours a day, but I only had the cleaning business and now a few employees.

So, I love my job, but there was about two years of my life there where I had no time to live beyond reacting to the needs of the business and putting out fires when they arose. I usually got home around 4 pm, took my dog to the park, then came back home to work, everyday until about 8:00 or 9:00 pm.

I would walk through my house and force myself to ignore the fact that my floors were driving me nuts, I was chasing laundry, all these random things were out of place! I’m not sure what that makes me, but ignoring it in order to sit down and respond to emails is what I did!


We finally had a little break

In the first part of my year cleaning alone, I quickly realized I wanted to scale the business to a point where I could have employees and stop working 12-15 hour days. Even though it took a long time and was a major challenge, I succeeded and went from working 15 hours a day to working about 5 hours a week on average.

Finding freedom in my life is my personal definition of success, and knowing I can disappear to the lake for two weeks without cell service proves to me that we have accomplished that. Additionally, finding and retaining the wonderful people that keep my business running seems like an accomplishment that many struggles to achieve!


Final Words

Cleaning is self care. No, wait – paying someone to clean for you is self care. You have a busy job, kids, sports, you never get to go to yoga. Or you don’t take nice walks and calm your brain because your house is in chaos. When there is just too much to handle, the easiest thing to do is ignore the problem, am I right? You’ll agree with me when I say that a chaotic home creates a chaotic mind. It does not allow for room to breath, focus, or relax.

I encourage you to give away some responsibility in your life. You deserve to feel that moment when the weight disappears. It doesn’t have to be cleaning, it could be laundry, yard work, ordering

Well if you decide to hire a house cleaner, you must be made of questions. How does it work? How much would it cost? Fortunately, we made a complete road map that you will follow.  Not only that, but you will also find the answers your need along with some helpful resources to help you clean and live better. Click here

 And don’t worry budgeters, I understand you. I know it is not possible for everybody to pay another human to do work for them. So, how can you keep your house clean and sane for free? Well, stay tuned! When the mood strikes me my next post will be about how I keep my house clean in 20 minutes a day 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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