How to clean your home in 20 mins

Here is the very boring truth about simple housekeeping: the key to efficiency and time management, resulting in completion, is focus. Only allow yourself to conduct the task you are working on. Do not stop for anything; don’t lose focus! Remind yourself of this when you suddenly realize you are installing that shelf you bought last year instead of wiping door handles like you are supposed to be doing, Jennifer!

Laid out below you will find a list of tasks to take you through the week. You can switch it up and your time may vary, but it doesn’t really matter. The goal is to make keeping a somewhat cleaner house actually achievable. Just take it one day at a time and see how many people in your house you can press into your service.


10-15 minutes

Whip out that duster and use it to it’s full potential!

1. Starting at your main door, work your way clockwise around the house, when you get to a stairwell, go up or down and return to continue your loop.

2. Dust the tops of all door and window frames, the baseboards, and any easy to dust surfaces (picture frames, mirrors, top of shelves and fridge). Done.


1. Grab your favorite cleaning cloth, like a soft microfiber. Soak the cloth with water and wring it out well, you can spritz it with a light cleaner or work in a little bit of your favorite essential oil.

2. Follow our path laid out on Monday while you look for:

a. Fingerprints and smudges,

b. Dog slobber,

c. Thick or old dust, and

d. Suck on food.

Look where little and big hands land, switches, look up and look down, wipe each door handle on each side, and the area around the handle.

After the first time you do this, each time you will be faster and faster because you will learn where to look and tell your dog to keep his face off the window!!!


5 Minutes!

1. Take your favorite bottle of cleaner and spray down the counter and sink.

2. Take a damp cloth and run it over the front of the dishwasher, oven, microwave and fridge.

3. Rinse it out and wipe off your cleaner from the counters, then the sink. Speaking of, I made a video about how to properly clean a stainless steel sink, check it out


Two minutes per toilet!

1. Squeeze in and swish your bowl cleaner.

2. Dust tank, lid, and base with toilet paper.

3. Spritz toilet with your favorite cleaner, quick wipe tank, lid, seat, rim, and base with TP, change TP as needed.

4. Flush the TP down with the bowl cleaner!

Friday: HALF VAC

10-15 minutes!

Simple: vacuum half the house, don’t get crazy.


20 Minutes!

Sweep and flat mop your remaining floors.

How do we get this done quickly? We recommend using a flat mop with a wet and dry pad. Use the dry pad to superspeed sweep, and the wet pad to wash (TIP: dampen the pad, then spray highly diluted cleaner onto the floor as you go). A spray mop is also an excellent choice for maintenance mopping.

BTW, we made a video about how not to clean your floors, check it out here.


When are you the most motivated and have spare time? In the morning or in the evening? Pick one, and take 5-10 minutes to do a quick tidy of out of place items, and get the dishes done or swapped in the dishwasher. Enlist every occupant of the home for this, promising more downtime or family time when it is done. Downtime spent in a clearer space is better spent than in clutter and chaos.

More Easy Stuff to Keep it Cleaner

1. Wipe counters, fridge handle, stove-top and sink after dinner, early birds do this after breakfast!

2. Wipe the taps in the bathrooms (store a cloth in each vanity) every day or two

3. Relegate all random items to a family bin. Say goodbye to the items if they aren’t retrieved within the month.

4. Sweep the floor (I use a Swiffer vacuum, inexpensive and effective when you use a reusable pad)

5. Rotate laundry or fold a load. Tip: don’t wash a new load until the last one is washed, dried, and put away!

Make it Fun!

1. Set a timer and beat yourself

2. Challenge your husband to a spot cleaning race

3. Hide quarters for the kids to find while they tidy up

4. Play Mystery Mess – whoever finds/cleans the pre-selected area or item wins a prize (time with you, a dollar, sit at the head of the table)

5. Determine your reward. “Once I get this done I can…..(sleep, read, play, cuddle, walk the dog).”


hope this helps you set out on your journey towards a simpler life and a cleaner home. Someday I will create a printable sheet for the fridge so you can check it all off at once on Friday when you remember it’s there!

Will you share your life changing tips and tricks? Comment on this post or email me at Thank you for reading 🙂

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