The Ultimate Guide on How to Deep Clean a Kitchen

Deep Clean a Kitchen

Every time you walk into your kitchen you look to your right and see the pantry flooding with the disorganized bulk grocery shopping you did. 

You witness the cluttered cabinets crying for help right next to the exhaust which holds some chaotic cooking memories in the form of grease. Wait, what’s that? Oh, the sweet smell of expired items coming from the refrigerator.

Yes, we can all blame the toxic breakup, or the workaholic lifestyle, but the truth is, that your kitchen cleaning is way past due and it’s time to revive it with our guide on how to deep clean a kitchen. 

1- Clean the walls and ceiling:

After putting on some good music and throwing on your comfiest cleaning pajamas, begin with cleaning the walls and the ceiling fan. 

Damp clean the dirty parts of the walls and use a dust mop to reach any high spots. Dust off the ceiling fan along with doors, switchboards, and doorknobs.

2- Oven and stove top: A battle against grease:

Apply grease cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean the oven and the stove top. Use a plastic scraper for removing stubborn stains.

3- Tackle the Refrigerator:

Turn off your fridge and pull everything out. Wipe down the shelves using a microfibre cloth and wash all ice cube trays. Throw away all expired products (no, you can’t fight the date you’re not Joey) and put all items back in an organized manner.

4- Reorganize the Cabinets and Pantry:

It’s time to see the lost lovers- the matching lids and bowls become united again. Pull everything out and wipe all drawers and cabinets. Group similar condiments together and use drawers and shelf liners for organization.

5- Don’t forget your appliances:

Unplug all appliances and use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe their exterior. Boil a cup of water in the microwave to soften its grease and clean.

6- Turn to the dishwasher:

In an empty dishwasher, add vinegar or baking soda and then run it. Finally, sweep and mop the kitchen floor and you’re good to go.

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