The Best House Cleaning Service in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain

I am going to tell you the truth about Queendom Cleaning.

Every house cleaning service will tell you they are the best, and in a way, they all are. All cleaning services have some 5-star reviews and a list of loyal clients. We do too, I don’t know how we get so lucky each and every day. We connect with so many amazing people in our community and are continuously granted the privilege to clean for new clients and to continue to clean for long-term clients.

We did not, however, wake up like this.

We still have two of our very first clients from early 2017 – literally client #1 and client #2, and we still have dozens of long term clients from our very first 6 months. This is truly an honor, but to be honest, I don’t know how we did it. You see, when I started cleaning I was probably a 3-star. I had a lot to learn, and these clients were gracious enough to keep me on and not mention it. I hope now they find immense value in the service we provide, as I know our quality and skill has skyrocketed and continues to grow and undergo refinement on a daily basis.

So what did we do to go from a one woman operation, called Go To Girl Professional Home Services (yuuuup) with a really terrible website, to become Queendom Cleaning Ltd., with 9 unreal amazing team members and a schedule/marketing manager? Here it is:


1. We learned from our mistakes

Wow I made a lot of mistakes. Oh yes, too many to name. There are endless opportunities to learn and improve each day in our business. I hired people who were better suited in other industries. I disappointed clients because I assumed everyone would commit to providing the same quality I did. A couple times I did not say the golden words “you are right”. A couple times we did not deal with an issue appropriately, and we can’t go back and make that right. For this reason we have policies – and I have a mindset – to remind us that it is our mission to provide a service that people want by listening to our clients and doing what we said we would do, no matter what.

It is my goal to provide people with a service that makes life easier and to show people we actually care. So it is my job to make sure that happens and to lead my team with encouragement and inspiration.

My team also learns from my mistakes, their mistakes, and the rest of the teams mistakes. We do quality checks so we can give feedback to our cleaners and help them improve. We are patient and understanding as a team, and support each person to do their best.

2. We paid attention

I had to train myself. My clients had to train me (sorry, and thank you), my staff trained me, my competition trained me. I had to constantly watch myself and make sure I was improving every single time I cleaned a house. I took every criticism and bit of feedback with grace and passed that on to my team. By committing to constant improvement and a desire for high quality results every time, we train ourselves to pay attention to what our hands are doing, where our eyes are looking, what results we generate, and how our actions are perceived. So we learned what, how, and how often we needed to do something to meet our own standards.


"Change equals self improvement. Push yourself to places you haven`t been before." -Pat Summit

3. I made Ella cry

Ella has been cleaning Crush’s house since he was a baby

A couple months ago at one of our staff meetings, I was horrified to hear that my very first employee, Ella, would cry after work in her first few weeks. Oops. I had no idea! She worked so hard and would do anything I asked, never blinked an eye. I guess I was a little too critical, and I learned from that. More importantly, Ella learned from that. Ella is now our team supervisor, and her experience training with me helped her understand how to lead and train our team and took her cleaning expertise and her own expectations of HER team to the highest level.

Between myself, Ella, Sydney, and Kali (my three longest lasting employees), nothing slips through the cracks. Poor quality does not go unnoticed and we deal with it right away – coaching our team to stand out from the crowd and care about their work.

Sydney and her BFF Hank

Hi, I'm amazing. Oops, meant to say Hi, I'm Kali!

That team of 9 that I mentioned before: reliable, sincere, hard-working, fun, and caring. It took 2.5 years to find them, and they are here.

Let's re-cap, in simpler terms, why Queendom Cleaning is the best house cleaning service in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain:

1) We use proven and tested methods based on years of paying attention to what we were doing.

 2) We listened to our clients and stepped up to the plate to meet their expectations.

 3) We use high quality, 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly products paired with tools and techniques that will not damage an surface.

 4) We continuously improve by performing quality checks and coaching our team.

So there you have it. We are not perfect, but we are always aiming for that, and we will stand by our Service Guarantee by fixing any mistakes we make.

Ready to get started with Queendom Cleaning?

So you wanna be a part of Queendom Fam? To make your journey seamless, in this article, we laid out the complete road map that you will follow. Not only that, but you will also find some helpful resources to help you clean and live better. See you there

Thank you for reading.