Refreshing tips for a spring move out

Refreshing tips for a spring move out

The spring season calls for change and that’s when most people decide to move houses to transition into a new chapter (hint: stop that binge-watching right now). 

Just like the sweetness of spring blossom and the renewal and rebirth associated with it, moving out should feel like a breath of fresh air instead of never-ending mental accounting, packing and cracking, and an endless cleaning cycle. 

We’re here with 5 refreshing tips for a spring move out. Read along:

1- Host a yard sale:

We just mentioned change which means purging some of the stuff that you have been accumulating for long (yes, all those impulsive amazon buys). 

Host a yard sale a few weeks before the move-out and donate anything that doesn’t sell. 

Spring can be highly notorious for its changing weather therefore be sure to keep an eye out for the forecast. 

2- Pack first, clean later:

Pack everything in designated boxes before starting with the deep clean. 

Cleaning in between the packing process might seem efficient but it can be highly distracting unless you’re as efficient and obsessed as Monica.

 The strategy should be limited to packing or getting rid of only. 


3- Move boxes second, clean later:

Place all the packed boxes in one room where they can be easily transported to the new house while you start cleaning the rest of the house.


4- Time for a deep clean:

Adopt what we call a top-down approach which is just a fancy way of saying that the ceiling and fans should be cleaned first. Use a ladder to remove all cobwebs and dust. 

Next up, wipe all the windows and door frames. Pay attention to small spots and create an interior look that will instantly impress future owners.


5- Kitchen and bathroom – a tale of tough spots:

These two places will require more effort and time. We always recommend reaching out to cleaning services like ours to take on the battle of grease and gunk. 

To put a good value on the house, special attention has to be given to scrubbing the stove, oven, bathtub, and sinks and topping it all off with thorough sanitization.

Happy moving!

Here at Queendom, it’s valuable for you to hire us because we believe in treating houses like homes. Our aim is to facilitate individuals in better living and allowing them to trust us to take care of the molds and the grime.


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