Post- Halloween guide to cleaning

Halloween guide to cleaning

Halloween is here! Oh the thrill of planning out costumes, carving out the pumpkins, and plotting to steal your children’s treasure of candies. Halloween also means preparing yourself for all the gruesome cleaning coming your way. Don’t get spooked, we’re here with our secret guide to all the cleaning tricks that might come in handy.  So here is your post Halloween guide to cleaning

1- Not a treat: Clothing stains

With kids treating their clothes like paper towels, Halloween can get pretty messy. Imagine working so hard over a costume, just to have it smelling like a gazillion candies at the end of the day. It’s better to be prepared, and the following tips will save you so many tears. Scrape the excess candy off using the back of a spoon. Pour a mixture of one cup warm water combined with one tablespoon of vinegar and liquid dish soap. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes before blotting the stain. If the stain is hard to remove, soak the clothing item in sodium bicarbonate and wash afterwards.

2- Spooky carpet stains

If you want to protect the carpet you spent all your savings on, the best tip is to remove it during the time of your Halloween party. You can also be a prepared Superwoman incase of any mishaps. Follow the same steps for candy stain removal as mentioned above. For hard body paint and fake blood stains, use hydrogen peroxide on the affected area. For mud stains, vacuum vigorously once completely dry and then blot using a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. Blotting with club soda can be magical for wine stains.

3- Combating all Halloween hazards

Listing down all the gruesome Halloween hazards will take ages, so we have shortlisted the common ones and how to combat them:

Use a leaf blower to deal with the toilet paper mess in your outdoors.

Smashed eggs can be cleaned with the help of a hose, and then followed by scrubbing with a mixture of warm water and soap.

Warm water and toothpaste can help in removing molded jack-o-lantern stain.

 Warm wax drippings with a hair dryer, and then remove with a cloth.

4- Quick party hacks for an easy clean afterwards

Have an unloaded dishwasher to welcome all the dirty plates. Make sure to cover all furniture with sheets (as part of the decor :p), and place paper towels everywhere. Put all the leftovers in the garbage bag when the party ends to have less work for the next day.

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