Organized AF: A Guest Post by Ashliegh Font

Hello readers! Firstly, I wish to thank you for joining me today here on Queendom’s blog! As a local entrepreneur and business owner, I appreciate this great opportunity to share with you, valued clients and readers, my services and offerings within our amazing community.

How familiar is this?

Friend: “What are you doing tonight? Let’s grab drinks!”

You: “Can’t… sorry… I have to Clean for my Cleaner!”

Friend: “Isn’t that counterintuitive?”

You: “….”

I hear you and I see you! I know that you may not be cleaning in the sense of scrubbing the toilets and washing the cupboards, but instead, you are rushing to remove clutter and picking up items to make it easier for Jen and her Queendom team to come in and do their work. Raise your hand if your house seems like it’s a “mess” again just a few days after Jen and her team have visited. I see you too. A big reason for this might be that you are lacking systems to give all of your belongings a home and another reason might be that you have an excess of belongings.

Almost anyone with Netflix, Social Media or Pinterest has heard of a Professional Organizer. If you have not, allow me to introduce myself: I am Ashliegh and I am the Owner/Operator of OrganizedAF. I am 28 years old and I reside in Spruce Grove, AB. I was born and raised in the #YEG area. By day, I am an Office Manager for a local psychology clinic. In my evenings I find joy helping those that feel like they are drowning in clutter come up for air. As a Professional Organizer, I provide individuals and businesses information, expertise, tried-and-true solutions, products and support to help them accomplish their goals and needs.

Why I do what I do:

As a dominantly left-brained individual, I crave order. My organizational trait seems to come naturally, and I like to believe that I am excellent at solving problems. I enjoy a challenge.

My drive and motivation to organize comes from a desire to create safe, clean spaces for those who may not be as naturally inclined to do so themselves. I have walked a mile in those shoes, I know first-hand what it is like to chase laundry, to open a cupboard and experience an instant wave of overwhelm, to come home and feel the chaos.

In my own day to day life, I have noticed that my mood, appetite, and general desire to get things done is greatly affected by the condition of my home. I find that this is true for most of my clients as well.

Plus, there are actually studies and research that show that show excessive clutter can perpetuate depression and anxiety, foster procrastination, and interfere with quality of life.

This is self-care.

One of the adages I like to live by is “Clean house, Clean mind”. I truly believe that when you have a clean, clutter-free, organized and tidy home, everything else falls into line naturally. By eliminating clutter in my own home, I have reduced the amount of time it takes to clean my home and thus I have opened up time for myself to do the things I actually enjoy doing. I can sit and binge a show, or cross-stitch for hours, or finally take that online course I have been putting off without feeling guilty!

It is no easy feat to declutter, organized and sort. It requires being able to take a step back and look at your space, situation and, belongings objectively instead of emotionally. Doing so takes discipline, honesty with yourself and of course, practice. One of the smallest ways I offer clients help is by fostering a non-judgemental approach. I value listening and working with you one-on-one to honour your needs and achieve your goals.


It is okay to ask for help. Recognizing that you need help is a strength. We all need help sometimes. It does not make you incapable. It does not make you weak. You are important. Your needs are important. Your health is important. Let it be known that we, the professionals, are here for you.

Yours Truly,

Ashliegh Font

Owner | OrganizedAF