New Year, New you, and New Cleaning Habits

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New year is right around the corner giving you an opportunity to sort it all out, be it the gazillion worn-out pieces hiding in your closet or the lousy thoughts keeping you from letting go of that one ex. It’s the perfect time to welcome new habits and we’re here with New Year’s cleaning resolutions that are our secret and comprehensive guide to a better you. Read along!

1- Organizing - start small:

Change is imminent, but it’s easier when you are aware of it. Resolute to start being organized but slowly adapt to this change. Make resolutions like putting your house keys in the keyholder every time you come home. Invest your time in using one calendar for everything which also sets reminders for important tasks. Start with two to three manageable tasks daily and gradually move onto bigger ones.

2- Declutter, the house, the mind, everything!:

Let go of all the clutter just like you’ve decided to leave behind that toxic ex. Even if decluttering takes you weeks to finish, remember that the end result lasts for a long while. Don’t let yourself move past it this time. Dive into your closet to greet the decade old clothing pieces and find them a new home.

3- Set yourself up for success:

Pushing yourself to do all the little tasks even if laziness consumes you entirely is what brings the bigger change. If you see something lying on the floor, pick it up and take it as all the red flags in your ex that you ignored and put it where it belongs. Do the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. Make your bed every morning even if the sides are unequal. Fill up the dishwasher and place garbage bags everywhere like decoration pieces. 

4- Make Cleaning a family affair:

Yes, toxic exes don’t take ownership of their responsibilities, but the family members can. Divide and conquer by delegating daily cleaning tasks to all family members. Do a 5 minute speed clean with your family every night followed by rewards (people respond to incentives, remember?

With that said, bid your farewell to broken promises, toxic exes, and a hell load of unclean habits. Burn these bad habits the same way you burned all of their bad memories. And remember, when the new year gets too tough, you can always reach out to us to handle all the cleaning. 

Happy New (and cleaner) Year!

Here at Queendom, it’s valuable for you to hire us because we believe in treating houses like homes. Our aim is to facilitate individuals in better living and allowing them to trust us to take care of the molds and the grime.