If you never clean these 5 places, you are only cleaning 50% of your home.

if you never clean these 5 places, you are only cleaning 50% of your home.

It’s a wonderful Sunday morning after a long week of grind and the seemingly never-ending workload. You drank your coffee for the day and finally convinced yourself to get to the cleaning tasks you had been putting off for ages.
You did the dishes, mopped the floor, washed the covers and you think you’re done but what if I tell you you haven’t even cleaned 50% of the places you should be cleaning?

That’s right, most people tend to forget these important places where dirt accumulates, resulting in you never feeling like the house is properly cleaned. Keep reading to go through five such spots to elevate your cleaning game:

1- There’s more to furniture than just the top side:

It’s easy to dust off the top sides of your furniture but look at the bottom and you’ll be horrified at the sight. Use a dusting cloth or wand to clean all the corners and the bottom side thoroughly. It’s important to do this at least once a month.

2- What lives in those air ducts?

Air conditioners or central heating systems have filters that accumulate large amounts of dust. These filters, if not cleaned regularly, can lead to your ACs not working properly. Therefore, it’s important to clean these twice a year.

3- Dirty baseboards can keep house guests away:

It’s important to regularly clean your baseboards as they can collect dust super quickly and is an instant turn off once seen. Wipe your baseboards with a slightly damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Two easy steps and you’re good to go!


4- Oh, those closet floors and corners!

Our closet cleaning usually involves donating old clothes, folding and organizing the current ones, color coordinating and what not. But have you ever thought about cleaning the actual closet? Your closet floor is home to dirt, carpet insects, dust, mold, hair strands, lots and lots of hair strands YIKES! Therefore, wash that carpet once in two months, mop the floor, clean your cupboards, and let the doors stay open so the smell vanishes.

5- Clean your cleaning supplies

Yes, let this sink in for a bit. Cleaning your cleaning supplies is equally important so that the dirt doesn’t transfer! Wash the mop and cloths used for dusting using detergent and disinfectant. Take out the vacuum bag and thoroughly clean and wash it if possible.This is the very core aspect of actually cleaning your space!

Now you know your Sunday mornings might get a little more tiring than usual but won’t it be satisfying to know that you’re actually cleaning the space? But if you’re looking to relax on that Sunday instead, call us and we’ll sweep out all those worries and dust the right way while you sip on that coffee!

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