How outsourcing your chores makes you a happier human being.

Do you ever wish you could create multiple versions of yourself and send them out to do different tasks simultaneously?

It is just so exhausting to constantly be running after task after task after task, trying to make sure you are everywhere doing everything. And while you may be able to get all or majority of the work done, you still might not be feeling as happy as you would have hoped for. I actually just wrote a blog last week where we talked about how productivity will make you feel happier about your day at night.

You may be getting all your work done but it might not be leaving you time to relax and enjoy. Or you may be making it to hangouts with friends and family time, but you’re probably too drained to enjoy it. Or even worse, trying to make sure you get EVERYTHING done may be leaving you too tired to be creative or present-minded in the work you enjoy. If you’ve been here for a while now, you probably know that I’m a firm believer in driving your own happiness. It is absolutely essential to figure out what you could be doing to make yourself happier, and freaking do it! So, what piece of blessed wisdom am I here to impart today?

Time over money.

It’s simply a matter of valuing time over money. As Harvard professor Ashley Whillans explains that research shows “over and over again that people who prioritize time report greater happiness than people who prioritize money”. The same advice given by many successful business owners is to fill your day with time affluent activities, and that means activities that are personally more meaningful.

So, you’re essentially spending your time doing things that make you happy, and outsourcing ones that don’t and as a result getting everything done!

Here’s an interesting concept. If the hourly wage of doing what you’re best at is $50, is it worth letting that go for an hour of cleaning in order to save the $10 it would take to outsource that to us? (totally not advertising my services here, so rude of you to make such a horrible accusation!)

Now that you’ve already made the accusation, let me just go ahead and say that outsourcing cleaning creates room for pretty fun things. I mean you could come home after a tiring day at work and watch Netflix instead of doing dishes. You could work on that side business you want to run instead of re-cleaning your stoves which we all know won’t get better without a professional’s touch. Just saying.

So there you have it. Stop putting pressure on yourself to do everything and make become the (happy) Queen of productivity through the art of outsourcing! Don’t forget to tell me how it goes!


Lots of love, 


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