How eco-friendly are you really?

How eco-freindly are you really?

Yes, we’re hearing about it everywhere these days.

Everyone is becoming more and more aware of how important it is to realize which of our actions are causing harm to our planet. However, have you wondered if you’re actually living an eco-friendly life? I mean I’m sure the turtles appreciate you sitting there while the ice keeps hitting your face because you refused a straw, but is that all you’re doing? Is that enough?

What is enough?

We designed the world’s most simple, one-minute-long quiz that can help you see if you’re covering all your basics of consciously leading a life that doesn’t kill the beautiful Mother Earth that’s sustaining us.


Q1. Have you replaced non-degradable things/tools from your daily life with ones that are reusable?

A- Yes 
B- No 
C- Potatoes  

Q2. Are you recycling all the plastic that you can’t reuse?

A- Yes
B- No
C- Recycling is for losers  

Q3. Do you check the ingredients for toxic/harmful chemicals before making your purchases?

A- Yes
B- No
C- I find ingredient lists intimidating 

Q4. Are you making an effort to reduce your use of products which end up entering the water stream and hurting the aquatic life?

A- Yes
B- No
C- Wait, I have to care about the fish too?? 

Q5. Do you turn off the tap in between activities for example when you’re brushing your teeth?

A- Yes
B- No
C- I keep it on so the rubber ducky can go splash splash
There you have it!
If you marked at least 4 of the questions with a ‘Yes’, I’d say you’re doing very well and I’m proud of where you’re going. If you marked 3 or more answers with a ‘No’, then my friend there’s a long way to go but don’t worry it’s never too late. We can and we will all grow together.

Sustainability is not a trend. It is not a marketing gimmick. At least not for us. It is our responsibility and we will see it through to the end.  Stay tuned as we will put ourselves to test in front of all of you to see how we fare when it comes to helping our environment!

Lots of love,

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