Hacks to keep your carpets always looking good as new

Women cleaning carpet with vacum

It’s really fascinating to think how carpets can define the personality of your interior. The intricately designed patterns with unique color blends to give that warm homely feeling, or plain pastels to instil calm all around you after a long tiring day at work. And can we talk about barefoot dancing against the softness of a fully carpeted home? 

An investment worth every penny, and one which requires extra love and care. Therefore, we have accumulated smart hacks to efficiently keep your carpets looking good as new (thank me later).

1- Outdoor grime stays out

This hack ultimately leads one to adopting a good habit. Keeping your outdoor and indoor shoes separate will redefine the overall cleanliness of your home. Another way is to place outdoor mats near doorsteps to wipe shoes before entering.

2- Repeat after me: Always blot never rub

Whether you have a baby or your spoiled habits make you one, spilling on carpets is easily the most common and damaging action. The key is to always blot the stain instead of aggressively rubbing it out of guilt (we have all been there). A mixture of one part vinegar and one part baking soda can clean the stain, remember to act fast to prevent the stain from setting in.

3- Your solution to all pet-related problems

It is best to be prepared for a surprise accident by your pet. A one ingredient hack is to quickly sprinkle baking soda on the area, and let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the liquid and odor. Blot with a cloth, and vacuum the rest. To treat pet hair, the secret tool to use is a squeegee. Wet the squeegee and it will pick all the pet hair.

4- Fluff your carpets- the cheap way

Remember we talked about making our carpets look good as new? A few budget friendly ways are:

– use a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar. Spray the solution on worn out corners or dull areas. Smooth the carpet fibres using the edge of a spoon.

– Mix 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil with half a cup of baking soda (wish we were sponsoring baking soda). Sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and vacuum after 10-15 minutes.

-Shaving creams can be used to take out stains, and also help in making the carpet fibres soft.

5- Vacuuming is all it takes

Lastly, be regular in vacuuming your carpets and rugs. Play some classic rock music while you vacuum the grime away. Vacuuming should be done atleast twice a week and carpets should be professionally cleaned in every season for which you can always rely on us.

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