Getting your closet winter ready

Getting closet winter ready

The time has come to sort and pack summer clothes, and welcome the fuzzy winter feeling we all had been missing. Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t fret. Our secret tips will make packing much easier for you. Might feel like a workout but believe that all your chores are a gift to your future self. Motivated? Read along to get your closet winter ready.

1- Need of the hour: Sort

Analyze the available space at hand to allow yourself to sort clothes accordingly. Motivate yourself to give away clothes that are either worn out or worn infrequently. Make three piles of Donate, Throw, Keep which will help you reduce clutter to a considerable extent.

2- Getting everything tidy

Vacuum the storage space thoroughly and make sure to get rid of any spider webs. It’s important to store clothes in a room or closet that is free from any seepage issues. Dirty clothes create an unpleasant odor with time and can also attract insects. Wash and dry all clothes 2-3 days before packing. Wash a few clothing items and pack them, and repeat this everyday for a week to prevent yourself from exhausting.  Wipe all drawers and cupboards with an all purpose cleaner.

3- Maximum space optimization:

Empty the closet space and let it stay empty for at least a day to get rid of any unpleasant odor. Plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are perfect for storing clothes. The rolling technique can save space and prevent hard creases. 

4- Welcoming winter clothes

While you’re packing summer clothes, unpack winter clothing side by side. Follow these steps:

If your winter clothes are pre-washed, you only need to hang them outdoors for a day. If they aren’t, wash and dry all winter clothes. More sensitive clothes will have to be sent for dry cleaning.

Check for moth holes. You might have to discard many pieces, and take care of remaining by freezing them in plastic bags to kill any bugs.

Hang all coats and jackets in a breathable plastic bag. Wooden or velvet hangers are perfect for winter clothes. 

Large plastic containers or cubes can be utilized for large and bulky items. Winter socks and thermal wear can be stored in medium sized containers. 

Layers pants and jeans on hangers.

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