Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning

You've got a problem. Your business needs a consistent cleaning service to provide a clean, pleasant, and productive workspace to your employees.

The good news? Queendom solves your problem. We offer the best janitorial services in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, Onoway, Edmonton and Acheson.

We are as available as the phone in your pocket. Businesses like you hire us during the day, in the evening and even on the weekends. The products that we use keep the environment safe as they are non-toxic and eco-friendly commercial-grade solutions.

Our cleaners bring fresh, sanitized mop heads and cloths to every location, and we change them frequently as we go so we do not cross-contaminate your space.

Every day, we provide janitorial services to offices, shops, retail spaces, condo buildings, and event halls just like yours. So take out that phone from your pocket and dial 780 819 0118 to get a professional cleaner to assist you on-site.

Why us?

  • Spot Cleaning Walls
  • Spot Cleaning Doors-And Wiping Handles
  • Dusting Or Wiping Baseboards
  • Cleaning Interior Glass And Sills
  • Wiping Desks And Chairs
  • Collecting Garbage
  • Cleaning Kitchenettes
  • Dusting Or Wiping All Surfaces (Shelving, Filing Cabinets, Etc.)
  • Dusting/Wiping Decor And Blinds As Needed
  • Dusting Electronics Where Safe To Do So
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, And Mopping Floors And Mats
  • Cleaning Washrooms (Polish Sink And Mirror, Clean Toilets Completely And Hand Wash Floors Around Them, Doors, Walls, Counters, All Dispensers, Etc.)

Who Do We Service

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Commercial Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All staff comply with OUR in house are whims certified.
  • All supervisors are First Aid certified.
  • All staff comply with out in house Health and Safety

We offer any frequency that meets your needs, some examples include twice per week, once per week, every second week, and once per month.

  • We charge $50.00/hour per cleaner for all one-time or initial office and commercial cleans(we provide an estimate).

    This Includes:

    – All supplies and tools.

    – Licensed, bonded, insured, and WCB covered cleaning technicians, and exemplary customer service.

    – Access to your client hub where you can request new work or view your past invoices, quotes, and receipts!

    After your initial clean, we charge a flat rate for routine cleanings which we will determine at an on-site estimate.

    This flat rate is specific to your space and can be determined with a quote! Contact us or fill out the form on the Quotes page!

Absolutely! Please contact us and we can work together to set up a time that works.

There are 4 Ways to Book:

The first method is to simply take out your phone and dial (780) 819-0118. 

2. Not fond of a chit-chat? Fill out our Quote Request Form peacefully and all by yourself.

3. This never gets old. Email us at

4. In addition to all that, you can also say hello on Facebook.

You bet!

First of all, Queendom Cleaning Ltd. carries general liability insurance coupled with a fidelity bond through RSA insurance.

Secondly, all of our employees are covered by WCB.

Lastly, Queendom Cleaning Ltd. holds a tri-municipal business license.

We accept cheques, e-transfers, and credit card payments.

No, we do not require our commercial clients to sign a contract other than agreeing to the terms listed in our Commercial Service Agreement. When you sign the quote we send you, this signifies your acceptance of the Agreement.

We bring all of our own cleaning solutions, mops, vacuums, cloths, etc. If you have a janitorial closet we may store a few things there. If you have a large commercial mop and bucket, we may use that if that is permitted.

Consumables: Paper towel, toilet paper, garbage bags, and soap can either be provided by you and topped up by us while we clean, or we can provide them for an additional cost. The cost is the retail price of the product (usually from Uline or Amazon, whichever has the best value) plus any shipping. When we order for you, we add this to your invoice. We do not charge a special delivery fee for our team to drop it off. 

No problem. Let us know and we will send out the first available team member. The charge for this is $50/hour charged in 15 minute increments, with a minimum $50 charge

Our Commercial team is managed by Mandy Smith and Amanda Marsh, our incredible and dedicated evening supervisors. Our teams consist of local people who are thoroughly trained and who provide a clear/negative background check.

Need Help?

Call or text us anytime to get the answers you need or say hello on Facebook.

   (780) 819-0118

Who Do We Service

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Commercial Clients
Tom @ 88.1 FM

"Queendom Cleaning is our cleaning service here at “The One FM”. We are very pleased with the service and professionalism of their team".

Sheri @ Parkland Food Bank

We at Parkland Food Bank are so appreciative of the hard work completed by Jen and her team at Queendom Cleaning. Knowing that we can count on them for reliable cleaning services is such a treat (after a hard day of serving the public, we are happy someone else is cleaning the toilets and mopping the floors)! Jen has a trustworthy staff that we can feel confident in giving access to our facility after we are gone for the day, and that everything will be sparking clean and properly locked up when they are done. If it is getting harder to squeeze in your facility cleaning on top of all the rest of your work, we highly recommend Queendom Cleaning to help you out!

Peter Designation

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