Busting Myths: Outsourcing Cleaning valuable or not?

Outsourcing Cleaning valuable

Outsourcing Cleaning is far more valuable than one thinks

Busting Myths: Outsourcing Cleaning valuable or not?

Research suggests that an average person spends 6 hours on cleaning per week and deep cleans 5 times a month. Unbelievable right? You’re probably thinking about all the binge watching you put on hold, the incomplete gossip sessions about Susan, and the to-do lists that never got ticked. 

That’s why we recommend hiring Cleaning services! Want to know how hiring a cleaning service (read: us) will be valuable for you? Read along!


1- Investing in Professionals

Undoubtedly the most important reason behind hiring a cleaning service is that you’re investing in professionals. Individuals can clean well, but professionals have the required skill set and knowledge which help in providing complete squeaky-clean assurance to their customers. We bring all the appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment, hence saving you from spending hefty amounts on grocery shopping chemical based supplies you know so little about. These professionals are aware of the hazards of different cleaning supplies, have a know-how of different surfaces, and are literal superheroes when it comes to finding hidden grime


2- Release all that stress

There’s no denying the fact that deep cleaning can tend to be really stressful. We’re always in favor of adopting cleaning habits, but a seasonal deep cleaning can definitely take a toll on one’s mind. It requires proper planning, supplies and hours turning into days. Our superwomen manage to pull it off while juggling kids, home, or work but here’s where cleaning services step in. It’s also important to point out that cleaning services charge you according to your needs and hence are not expensive. Our goal is to facilitate you in dividing your work load and ensure that we provide the best quality service. 


3- A life beyond cleaning

There is so much more to one’s life besides cleaning. As we mentioned before, cleaning should be adopted as a good habit but not as a 24/7 job. While you’re letting the cleaning service handle the dirty part, think of the endless possibilities of having fun; whether it’s reading a book, a night out with friends, unwinding through a spa day, or aimless walking to an empty fridge, it’s of the utmost importance to take out time for yourself. This is where cleaning services step in and add value to your life.


Here at Queendom, it’s valuable for you to hire us because we believe in treating houses like homes. Our aim is to facilitate individuals in better living and allowing them to trust us to take care of the molds and the grime.


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