An easy 3-step process to disinfect a surface

Now that you know what to disinfect, here are three simple step on how to disinfect!

Step 1: Read the label.

Not all products work the same. Make sure the product you have is proven to be effective on the surface you are working on. Determine what PPE you need (gloves, goggles). Read the suggested method, and find out if it has a required dwell time.

Step 2. Clean and/or saturate the surface.

Read the document in the link below. Depending on the situation, you may need to remove gross filth (yup it’s called that!) before disinfecting, So, clean THEN disinfect. In some cases you can clean and disinfect in the same step.

DWELL TIME: Make sure you find out the dwell time for your product and the germs you are trying to kill! Some may be 10 seconds, some may be 60. Most disinfectants need to saturate the surface, you don’t want to miss a single square millimeter of space!

Step 3. Wipe the product off and then polish the surface.

Some products will leave a film or streaks on the surface. Remove the film with water on a cloth or a gentle all purpose cleaner. Removing the film will save you (or us) time later as you won’t have to go over and over it to remove layers of film.

Happy Cleaning!

P.S. we do not use Fantastik in our eco-friendly home cleaning, we use 70% isopropyl alcohol.

P.S.S Now that you know how to disinfect, here are 9+ high-touch spots you should be cleaning RIGHT NOW.

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