A Party-ready house just a few cleaning tips away!



Panic! You’re having a party and the whole house is upside down. Should you worry about the dirty socks on the entrance, spider webs on the ceiling, 15 dishes you’re supposed to cook, or the social anxiety we’re all dealing with post covid? So, while you make an extensive list of the food items you’ll be cooking for your party, read the recipe for blowing everyone away with your sparkling party-ready house!


1- First things first, schedule and strategize!

You knew this was coming. Our number 1 tip, scheduling and organizing all tasks. Don’t waste time on cleaning places that aren’t going to be used by the guests at all like the closet or laundry room. Start cleaning one or two days prior to the party to divide the work.

2- What’s the guest perspective?


To make sure you don’t overlook all the important places, imagine yourself as a guest and walk through your home. Start from the entrance of your home, clean the floor and walls, declutter the coat closet, remove any pieces of furniture overcrowding the entrance.

3- Red alert for the living room!

Your living room NEEDS to be speck-free. Vacuum and mop the floor. Make sure the pillows are fluffed and dust all the baseboards. Cleaning the windows and mirrors gives a drastic change to the whole house by making it more bright. If the food is served in the same room, make sure to organize all the utensils beforehand. Remember, organizing and aligning gives a perfect first impression.


4- Your kitchen is a separate party house

Guests will be going in and out of the kitchen all the time. Clear the countertop, put all extra utensils aside. Clear out your refrigerator, and kitchen bin. Now is the time to ninja scrub all those kitchen areas you clean biannually!


5- Provide comfort to your guests like no other place!

People use the bathroom. Bathroom will smell. People will be embarrassed. Win your guests over by keeping a deoderizer in the bathroom so they can spray it and not worry about other people judging them for releasing the Kraken if you know what I mean :p

Make your own DIY deoderizer by filling up half a bottle with rubbing alcohol, and mixing 20 drops of your favourite essential oil (I like lavender and peppermint), a little bit of water and there you have it, your magical potion for a lovely smelling bathroom!

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