A beginners guide to getting your home listing-ready.

So, I’ve compiled all your to-dos in a quick little cheat. Let’s get right into it!

Yes, selling your house is an emotional experience because this could be where you had your deeply disturbed childhood or awkward teenage or where you yelled at your kids the first time. I get it, all beautiful memories. But can we talk about how hard it is to get it ready to sell?!

The process of bringing it to a state where someone would want to buy it is no joke. So, I’ve compiled all your to-dos in a quick little cheat sheet which divides everything between what to ADD, RENEW and SUBTRACT (doesn’t get easier than this). Let’s get right into it!


Make your house look bigger than it is. Hang floor-length curtains to make ceilings look higher, add a clear shower curtain in small bathrooms, add mirrors in tight corners. Make your storage look more spacious by adding DIY shelves, dividers, bins and just fake a closet organization system to score with the ladies. Similarly for the garage, install shelves for equipment and bikes etc., add a workshop in a corner to show more use.


Be strategic. Match the colours of the drapes and walls. Give the appearance of an open floor plan by painting two side-by-side rooms with the same colour. Use the same colours/patterns in the bedrooms and adjacent baths.


Oldest trick in the book but it still works. Make your house smell welcoming and homely with notes of vanilla and lavender. Use scented candles instead of baking cookies because honestly who has the time.



Set the mood. Swap white bulbs for yellow toned ones, warm light is cozy and hides imperfections. Wash your windows, preferably professionally, because trust me it makes all the difference to lighting and the overall outlook.


Empty rooms are harder to sell. Stage empty rooms with an air mattress, bed frame, throw on slip covers over clashing sofas. Repaint wood toned furniture white also brightens and opens a space.

Functional corners

Enhance your laundry area by adding a folding surface, bins, storage baskets etc. Similarly, don’t forget your side yard or any other dead space, renew it by creating a kitchen garden or add lounging tables and chairs.


DIRT, DIRT AND DIRT! – Easier said than done, but absolutely necessary. You have to present the functionality of the house while also removing all signs of you ever living there! Not to mention, buyers can be snoopers. They will open your cabinets and look under the sinks (yes, even under the sinks).

I honestly recommend hiring a cleaning company like our own to make your life easy. We have a special Pre-Listing cleaning service specially designed to make a house look as good as new. We have a 4.9-star rating on Google and a 5-star rating on Facebook. I mean you might not recognize your own house after it but hey you’ll sell it! Read about everything we cover in this service (which is literally everything)

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There you go. Hope this cheat sheet made it easy to break things down in your head, now make a checklist and get started!
Happy selling,