A beautiful and overlooked germ house: your bedsheets!

how often should you clean your bedsheets

Hey, hygiene freak!

Yes you, you who washes the dishes before the stains dry and the smell penetrates your kitchen. You who throws away your one time worn jeans in the laundry. You who washes hands vigorously after using the toilet. How often do you ACTUALLY change your sheets?

Yes, changing sheets can be tedious and nothing less than a workout for most of us but just think of the bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat, makeup stains and of course the 3 am uncalled for tears on your pillow that are invisibly accumulating in your sheets. YIKES!

But worry not! Like always, we’re here to take away the anxiety that just creeped up on you and replace it with nothing but satisfaction. Bringing you 4 ways to have clean sheets and maintain your hygiene:


1- One week is all your sheets need!

You should change your sheets after one week maximum, so they stay fresh and don’t accumulate too much dirt. If you’re someone who travels a lot or is out of the house often, you get to have two weeks but that’s about it! 

2- Add to your schedule:

Add changing sheets to your schedule and in no time, you’ll develop the habit and will perform this act like all your other hygiene-oriented habits. Trust me, very soon fresh sheets will become your favorite thing, and those wrinkled sheets your pet peeve.

3- Change your sheets and pillow cases to see a difference in your acne

All the gunk that gets piled up in our sheets IS what mostly results in breakouts and acne. Changing sheets once a week can greatly contribute towards good skin. Thoroughly wash your face and skin, use silk pillowcases, spray some lavender oil, and say hello to a fresher life (no exaggeration)

4- Keep spare sheets!

Every time you change your sheets, put on a spare set to give yourself the time to easily wash it, iron it and put it on. This will take away all the anxiety and procrastination that come with the idea of changing sheets.

Our team is well aware of the importance of changing sheets regularly, so needless to say they follow the one-week rule religiously. Try it and thank me later for changing your life!

Lots of love,