6 exciting activities you’d love to do instead of cleaning!

Wait, a tea party to gossip about Susan, a spa day with your girlfriends, sunbathing while you sip on fresh lemonade- where did all of this go? Cleaning is inescapable. There, I said it. No matter how fun, therapeutic or refreshing it is (or we convince you to believe it is :p), focusing too much on cleaning can make you get stuck in the hardwired routine of broom, mop, dust, suffer from FOMO, and repeat.

So take a deep breath, hand over your worries (i.e. your cleaning equipment) to us at Queendom Cleaning and read this list of fun activities to do instead of cleaning, you will thank us!

1- Spend time with those neglected

You swept away the time spent with your loved ones along with all that cleaning. Catch up with some old friends, take your kids to a theme park, or just enjoy a dinner with your significant other.

2- Explore the artist inside you

Find art classes near you or online and learn how to paint, make pottery, jewellery and other handcrafts. You can even indulge in a long term refreshing activity like changing up the interior of your house- get that Boho vibe saved on your Pinterest board.

3- Mindfulness

Create a quiet corner for yourself, and find ways to meditate that suit you. Meditation can calm your mind, promote happiness and help you in focusing your thoughts (so the dirty dishes stop haunting you).

4- Great time to be a musician

Learn that instrument you have always wanted to play. Might cost you your family’s ear drums in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it.

5- Time to hit the gym

Nothing feels better than prioritising your health, so time to come in shape and get that perfect body you’ve been dreaming about.

6- Give back

Take out time to give back to society, and feel good about yourself. Join volunteer centres, and indulge in community services activities.

We, at Queendom Cleaning believe in “Freedom to do what you love”. So, stop delaying your wish list and start NOW. You can start a 30 day challenge of doing a new activity every single day. Spend time with yourself and trust us to take care of the cleaning- broom, mop, take your cleaning worries away, repeat.

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