5 Lifesaving Christmas Cleaning Hacks

Christmas Cleaning Hacks

Tis’ the season to be jolly and the Queendom elves have worked hard to give you the perfect early present in the form of 5 lifesaving Christmas cleaning hacks for a fuss free holiday season. Read along!

1- Make your silverware brand new:

Your silverware might become the star of your christmas dinner if polished the right way. Place all silverware on a baking tray lined with aluminum, sprinkle baking soda and then pour boiling water. Let the silverware sit for a while before rinsing.

2- Detangle the christmas lights chaos:

Save your future self from a tangled disaster by wrapping the Christmas lights around cardboard pieces once the holiday season is over.  Use large pieces of cardboard which will prevent the lights from overlapping and then store the lights in a plastic tote. 

3- Get rid of Christmas tree sap:

Sap can be tricky to clean and one trick is to chip it off once it hardens. For carpets, clothes, and rugs use non-chlorine liquid dish detergent and mineral oil can be used for hardwood or furniture. 

4- Collect stubborn tree needles:

Collecting and cleaning pine needles once Christmas ends is nothing less than a recurring headache as vacuuming doesn’t collect all of them. The easiest hack is to wrap a piece of duct tape around your hand with the adhesive part on the outside. The stickiness of the tape will collect all pine needles like a magnet. 

5- Storing Christmas ornaments:

Christmas ornaments require a bit more thought and care when it comes to storing them. The more expensive ornaments can be stored in linens or towels. Another hack is to glue plastic cups on a cardboard piece. The ornaments can be placed in the cups, and other cardboard pieces can be stacked in the same way.

Follow these cleaning hacks to be one step ahead of the festive chaos. Remember not to let the mess hold you back from having fun. 

Merry Christmas!

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