5 air-purifying plants that are easy to keep alive.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen on Instagram how trendy indoor plants are these days when it comes to interior design. While they are aesthetically pleasing in a minimal way, they are actually beneficial when it comes to enhancing indoor air quality. 

Yes, indoor air pollution is a thing and it can even cause ‘sick building syndrome’ which includes headaches, fatigue and nausea as symptoms. This is due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde from our furniture and home items. And more than anything else, just imagine that whiff of FRESH clean air after a tired day, known to lower stress and enhance attention capacity!

I recommend 5 plants you should immediately add to your living space which are not only known to improve air quality but are also very very hard to kill (yes I understand the concerns of all you lazy people.)

1) Spider Plant

If you’re a beginner or have the kind of mind that would forget kids at grocery stores, this is the plant for you! Spider plants love indirect sunlight, require minimum effort, and are the easiest to grow. They are known to remove formaldehyde and xylene from their environment.


2) English Ivy

This easy-growing vine is specially known to be great at reducing faecal particles in the surrounding air making it an obvious choice for bathrooms. Another great benefit of ivy is that it helps fight mould in the house. Just make sure you provide it with four hours of direct sunlight a day.

3) Chrysanthemum

If you’re a flower person, you will love some chrysanthemums brightening up your kitchen or living room. Not only are they eye-catchingly beautiful, they are also known to filter out many toxins that are found in glue, plastics, detergents etc. All you have to do is put it in a spot near a window that faces sunlight.

4) Peace lily

A plant as beautiful and delicate as its name. These are best for smaller or congested spaces as these are relatively small in size. All you have to do is keep them in a shady spot and make sure the soil is always moist. Overwatering although is something to look out for. 



5) Snake Plant

You may have heard its other name, mother-in-law’s tongue. This one is one of the hardest to kill. It needs to be watered OCCASIONALLY. The snake plant is able to tolerate most different amounts of light exposure, so you can also easily put it in your room. 

There you have it, let me know if you try any of these and experience the change in your air quality. I would also bet my last dollar that adding these pots will eventually show a difference in your moods as well. 

Lots of love,