4 ways to overcome Clutter Blindness

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Yes, it is an actual thing! Clutter blindness is the phenomenon of overlooking cluttered areas due to the brain’s inability to process it as clutter and adapt itself to the mess. 

Have you already diagnosed yourself as having clutter blindness like I did after staring into the abyss (read: THAT chair)?

Clutter blindness makes the person treat the clutter as nothing less than the wall decor. Irrelevant, and just there.

 A person facing any mental discomfort, hectic schedule, being unable to muster up the energy or hoarding stuff can fall prey to clutter blindness. Don’t worry, I stopped staring into the abyss and have brought you 4 ways to overcome clutter blindness.

1- Clearing out before decluttering:

The first method is to completely clear out one cluttered area instead of decluttering through the mess. 

Put only those items back that are relevant to the area or are useful. This allows you to have more control over the process and it feels less overwhelming.

2- Hire your inner photographer:

To get a clearer perspective, take pictures of all the spaces in your home and plan out how you want them to look. This will allow you to notice all the messy areas that you’re currently clutter blind to.

3- Find the cause:

It’s important to pay attention to what is causing clutter blindness and then adopt habits to combat it. 

For example, instead of letting your life pile up on a chair, place a laundry basket right next to it or place a sticky note to remind you to keep the mess 6 feet away from the chair.

4- Get rid of clutter catchers:

No, this term is not inspired by Pokémon go. Clutter catchers are those items where clutter keeps building up, like a storage bin, or a chair (seriously, time to throw the chair out). 

Getting rid of such items can help in coming up with better storage systems.

Lastly, seek help from professionals to better understand the psychological reasons behind clutter blindness. It’s all about adopting good habits. 

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