House Cleaning: Getting started with us

Queendom Cleaning is based in Spruce Grove, Alberta. We work locally and provide jobs to people that are our neighbors, and yours, in an effort to invest in our community. We make the earth, health, and safety-conscious decisions in order to provide an ideal service to you and your family.

Ready to get started?

To make your journey seamless, in this article, we laid out the complete road map that you will follow. Not only that, but you will also find some helpful resources to help you clean and live better

Things to know

Before we jump ahead, let us give you a better understanding of what you are buying. Feel free to skip ahead and navigate as you need.

100% Eco-Friendly Products: We use eco-friendly non-toxic cleaners purchased from Canadian companies. These products have been extensively tested for our purposes and have produced the best results.

$2M Liability Insurance: Queendom Cleaning carries General Liability Insurance coupled with a Fidelity Bond through RSA Insurance.

24-Hour Service Guarantee: Our cleaners are hard-working and professional, but human. If we miss something, get back to us within a 24-hour time frame and we will come back and fix it.

Covered By WCB Alberta: All of our employees are covered by WCB and we hold a Tri-Municipal Business License.

Bonded And Trained Cleaning Professionals: Every member of our team has provided a negative background check. We also spend two to three weeks with each new team member prior to sending them out on their own.

5 Stars On Google And Facebook: 1000+ customers are satisfied with us. 

Your roadmap

Here is an overview of the steps you will take in your journey:

  1. Getting in touch with us
  2. Choosing your desired service
  3. Getting a quote
  4. How much house cleaning would cost
  5. Pick your schedule
  6. How to pay us
  7. Our feedback system
  8. How to make the most out of client hub.

Get in touch with us

Lets go. First things first, you need to contact us (duh). Luckily, there are multiple ways you can do it

Call or text us

Our official  contact number is (780) 819-0118. Call us from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 4:00 pm. If we miss your call, please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you ASAP.

Email us

We do emails all the time. Email us at to get the answers you need.

Contact us on Facebook and Instagram.

We are pretty active on social media. Check us out.

Text us on our website.

On our website, click the message icon on the bottom right corner to text us.

2. Choosing your desired service

Just to put it out there, whether it’s a routine house cleaning or a much needed one time clean, Queendom Cleaning seeks to provide the best residential and commercial cleaning services you can find in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County. It is not just our opinion, we have reasons to believe so. Reasons

Now, the next step is to choose your desired service. For house cleaning, we do two types of services:

a. One-time cleaning services:

Get a fresh start in your home without lifting a finger(no literally). Our one time cleaning services include:

  • Initial Clean
  • Move-in/out cleaning
  • Pre-listing cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
    To learn more about one-time cleaning and get a quote, click here.

b. Routine cleaning services:

A clean and tidy home lifts the weight off your shoulders. We offer the following routine cleaning frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Custom
    An initial clean is required to set up your routine cleaning. The reason being that an initial clean is a deep clean that takes more time and cleans all areas in your home. In this blog post, I share why an initial clean is not just required, but it is an excellent place to start. Check it out.

To learn more about routine cleanings and get a quote, click here.

3. Getting a quote

Once you choose the type of cleaning you are looking for, the next step is to get a quote. There are three ways we do it.

a. We send you a questionnaire, fill it out and send it back.  Watch the video to see how it looks.

b. We call you to get the specifications of your place and get back to you with the quote. It usually takes 4 to 5 minutes. Text us your contact info on (780) 819-0118 or Email at

c. If you feel like your place is unique and needs special attention, we send over a cleaner to guide you and give you a quote on site.

4. How much house cleaning would cost

a. One-time cleans:

 All one time cleans like initial, move in/out, pre-listing cleaning etc are charged by the hour. Hourly cleaning is charged at $45/hour per employee. If we send two cleaners, it is $90 per hour and cuts the time in half and so on!.

Note:If we quote for 10 hours and finish in 8, we update the quote and only charge you for 8 hours.

b. Routine cleans:

Unlike one time cleans, all routine cleanings like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc have a set flat rate.

Note: To set up a routine cleaning for your home, it is a pre-requisite to book an initial clean. For a better understanding, check out this helpful article here.

5. Pick your schedule

While filling out the quote request form, please mention the date that works best for you. We try our best to book you on that day, however, we do not promise it. The reason is that most of the times, we are booked two weeks in advance. Therefore, to always get your desired date, let us know at least two weeks in advance(if possible) so we get time to make it work. After that, please mention the time of the day that works best for you.

6. How to pay us

Everyone likes to get paid, so do we. That is why, there are multiple ways to pay us.

a. Credit card: Add your cc in your profile. This way you can pay through your cc after you receive the invoice.

b. Cheque: You can have the cheque made out to Queendom Cleaning Ltd.

c. Cash: Good old fashioned cash

d. Bank Transfer: Log in to your mobile banking app. Click funds transfer and choose e-transfer. There, add the recipient email The next step is to add a security question and you are good to go.

7. Our feedback system

Your feedback matters. This is how we scaled Queendom cleaning from scratch – listening to our customers and making minor adjustments along the way. Therefore, we send a feedback email right after each one time clean to hear your comments. Please write to us.


Our cleaners are hard-working and professional, but human. If we miss something, get back to us within a 24-hour time frame and we will come back and fix. If you want to report a complaint, please call us at (780) 819-0118 or email at and our supervisor Ella will sort it out.

8. How to make the most out of client hub.

In a nutshell, client hub is an all in one platform that lets you view current and past quotes, invoices, and receipts, pay outstanding invoices, and request new work— online and on the go.

Client hub allows you to do the following:

a. Check your schedule:

You can even check who is coming to clean your place.

b. Pay invoices

To pay your invoice through the client hub, it is a pre-requisite to add your payment method- a cc or visa.

Once the payment method is added, the next step is to pay your invoice.

c. Provide feedback

Once the invoice is paid and the job is closed in our system, we send you a feedback form. Please share what you liked and the things we need to improve in our service.

c. Submit job requests

Need an extra job done? Here is how you can request one quick and fast


OK , so now I am a Queendom Customer, what’s next?

1. Perks of being a Queendom customer

Being a Queendom customer comes with its perks. For you, we post videos tutorials, short and punchy blogs and insights to help you clean and live better.

Here are a few helpful resources

Along with helpful blogs, we also create how-to videos. To check out more of this stuff, visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

2. Send a gift of cleaning

You heard the lady. Get your gift certificates. Click here

3. Are we pet friendly? and some more FaQs

We are absolutely pet friendly. We love all pets as long as they are happy to see us! We do recommend that all pets are secured in a crate or separate room if you worry about them escaping, feeling wary of a stranger, or slipping on a freshly cleaned floor!

We cannot let your pets outside for safety reasons.

What kind of cleaning products does Queendom Cleaning use?

Queendom Cleaning will provide all products and tools unless otherwise requested. All of our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly professional grade commercial cleaners. For health and safety reasons, we may refuse to use certain products such as bleach. Please ensure you have a toilet brush on each floor of your house.

If you would like us to use your products or tools, we will not be held responsible for equipment failures and your acceptance (signature) of the quote signifies your agreement to waive any liability to Queendom Cleaning for these instances

Is Queendom Cleaning bonded and insured?

Queendom Cleaning carries General Liability Insurance coupled with a Fidelity Bond through RSA Insurace.

All of our employees are covered by WCB.

Queendom Cleaning holds a Tri-Municipal Business License.

Check out more FaQs and Policies here.

4. Our customers love what we do.

Here is a thing. We do not just clean your home, we take some weight off your shoulders so you get the freedom to do what you love and people just like you, love it. See it for yourself?

Let’s hear it from Julie.

We got 5 out of 5 stars from Annette ⭐

Looks like we made Courtney’s day.

For more awesome reviews and feedback from people just like you, click here.