5 ways to reduce dust in your house Your secret guide to a dust free house

Cleaning dust from carpet with vacuum

Are you a part of the 6-sneezes-in-a-row fam? Do you have the eagle eye which detects a grey silhouette of dust from miles away? And are you on the verge of accepting defeat in your war against dust? Well, stop right there because we have a solution to all your sneezes, oh wait problems*.

The harsh truth is that it’s nearly impossible to eliminate the dust army, but it can certainly be controlled to a bearable extent.

1- Start by stopping dust at the door

Research suggests that almost 80 percent dust is carried indoors through foot traffic. Therefore, the first step is to block the enemy’s way into the battlefield. Place door mats at every entrance to your home which will make people wipe their shoes before entering. The mats can then be cleaned occasionally using a vacuum. If you have pets, train them to wipe their paws before entering. Advocate a “No shoe policy” by placing shoe racks near your door and investing in indoor-only shoes. 

2- Dryer Sheet Hack

You might have to pay your house help a little extra or move a couple more muscles for this tip as it’s a spin on the traditional way of dusting. To keep surfaces stay dust free for a longer period, dampen up a dryer sheet and wipe windows, ceiling fans, and furniture. Dryer sheets absorb static and leave behind a residue that prevents dust from settling too soon. 

3- Purify your air

Turn on your HVAC fan system while cleaning in order to allow it to purify the air containing dust particles that float around during cleaning. Air conditioning reduces humidity which in turn reduces dust pollution. You can also opt for essential oil diffusers and dehumidifiers.

4- Stop grooming your pets indoor

Grooming your pets is immensely important because dogs and cats shed an enormous amount of dead flakes and hair, giving our enemy dust an unfair advantage and us an impure air to breathe in. Therefore, regularly groom your pets but remember to do it outdoors.

5- You guessed it right, vacuum!

The last strategy in our fight against the dust mafia is to vacuum efficiently. Vacuum the most exposed surfaces daily, and your entire home twice a week in slow steady motions. A tip is to also vacuum your drapes and baseboards, and try to avoid carpeting your home as it collects a large amount of dust or properly clean your carpets, for which you can check our lazy hacks to carpet cleaning

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