Ultimate guide to Garage clean out

Ultimate guide to Garage clean out

Let’s talk about garages, and the numerous times you’ve exited the car and tripped and stumbled upon random items that somehow found a home in the home of your car. I can relate to the sigh you just took at the mention of a messy garage. From storing our grandmother’s wedding dress to never-seen-before and will never-see-again items, our garages have been through a lot.

Fret not, we’re here with the ultimate step-by-step guide on getting that Pinterest-ready garage. Read along!

1- Categorization:

Get all hands on deck and start with pulling everything out on the driveway. With the help of family members, go through each item one by one. Similar to closet cleaning, categorize every item into ‘Keep’, ‘Donate’, ‘Throw’ and ‘Sell’. Find a new home for items that don’t belong in the garage (yes, your grandmother’s wedding dress) and set items aside for a garage sale if need be.

2- A clean sweep:

Time to clean and sweep the garage once it’s empty. Concrete garage floors can be cleaned with a mixture of half a cup baking powder mixed in a gallon of warm water. It’s time for you to channel all that anger and rub the floors hard. Pour cat litter on grease stains and let them dry completely before one last wipe.

3- Storage solution: shelving:

Shelving will allow you to save abundant space for the vehicles. Use storage boxes with labels which can be placed on the shelves. Usage of pegboards can create vertical hanging space. Baskets can be installed using wire shelves for storage of small and everyday items. The idea is to have maximum wall-mounted storage for extra ground space.

4- Placement matters!:

Once the shelves are installed, it’s time for the placement of items which were lucky enough to go in the ‘Keep’ pile. Festive decor, valuable heirlooms, and other least used items can be stored on top shelves. Bikes, rackets, and frequently used tools can be hung on the peg boards. Slat wall panels can be designated to sports and gardening equipment.

Go into the cleaning zone with the mindset of establishing long term solutions for the clutter and use these tips and tricks to revert the narnia’s wardrobe in your house back to a garage. No more trippin’!

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