The art of having pets and a clean home at the same time

Women with a dog

We all love our pets way too much to prioritise a clean home over them. I mean those big sparkly puppy eyes, one can compromise on anything but them right? Yet, you can’t deny that your dog’s drool spots on the carpet and sofa, and your cat’s hair that you practically breathe in (because it is everywhere) bothers you.

We can’t expect these fuzzy drooling balls of happiness to act responsible so what can one do? As your cleaning guardian angels, we have concluded a list of secret tips that will make it possible for you to balance a clean home with pets. So while you snuggle with your dog, read along!

1- Invest in latex gloves!

Instead of picking up your pet’s hair by a lint brush (and spending an eternity on it), get yourself a pair or two of latex gloves. After dampening your gloves, start rubbing on surfaces like your sofa, carpet, and other interior. Latex gloves instantly lift pet hair, and a simple rinse under the kitchen tap will clean them. Works like magic!

2- Dealing with the dinner mess

It can be hard to clean up all the pet food that one can find in every corner and every crack in the floorboard. Invest in silicon anti-slip mats which keep the food in place. Quick tip: Spraying some cooking spray in your pet’s food bowl will prevent the stains from settling in. (Genius? I know)

3- Will shaving cream become your new best friend?

Who knew something as odd as shaving cream can act as a miracle when it comes to pet urines and barfs. Shaving cream keeps the stain in place insteading of spreading it out. Spritz some shaving cream on top of the deed, wipe with a towel, and Voila! No stain, no smell. Life=saved.

4- So close to your squeaky clean fancy dream

Invest in pet friendly furniture for less worries. Go for stain resistant fabric, and be careful with color choice which means avoid investing in light colored rugs, sofas or interior. (it’s hard I know).

5- One can never have enough rugs

Keep rugs in front of each door in your house which will catch any dirt the pets bring in from outside. You can also place these rugs wherever your pets mostly lie down. On the other hand, refrain from investing in light colored rugs as they will require frequent cleaning.