Post-COVID Update: What safety measures are we practicing?

We want you to be safe, therefore we strictly employ the following measures to prevent the spread of germs from home to home.

Our safety measures:

1. We will not send a sick tech or someone who has recently traveled to clean your home.

2. We ask that you notify us if you have recently travelled or are feeling ill or have flu-like symptoms – we will reschedule without need for signficant notice. Please do not invite us into your home if the above apply.

3. We really enjoy being around our clients, and it’s pretty cool that we will get to meet some of you for the first time. We are practicing strict social distancing, so lets do our chatting at a minimum of 3 meters from one another (never too careful!).

4. We wear disposable gloves and change them frequently.

5. You may request that we wear a mask.

6. We wash our hands immediately upon entering, and clean the sink and tap with alcohol. We repeat this process once we are ready to leave.

7. Our tools all get disinfected at each home once the service is complete (including shoes, buckets, mop poles, bottles, bags).

8. Every home gets a clean, fresh set of mop heads and cloths (this is not new of course!), and the kit your tech brings in has been disinfected already.

9. We can use your special products by request, just not bleach.

Thank you for reading

Queendom Team