Minute long chores? Say what!?

Women holding stopwatch

It’s always about trying to watch one less episode (lazy people raise hands) or finishing work one hour earlier (can’t relate to such enthusiasts) to spare time for cleaning. What if I tell you that you can stop reading those cleaning schedules and checklists related blogs which we rarely ever pull off? How relieved will you be to know that you no longer need to dedicate your entire Sundays to a cycle of cleaning, more cleaning, repeat?

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a full body workout or a day long never-ending task. This is why we’re here with a list of minute long chores because we believe in our mantra of “therapeutic and easy, yet perfect enough to show off to all the Susans visiting your home”.


1- Minute to clean it: Living room

Take out a minute to clean while binge watching in the background.

Straighten and fluff pillows

Empty and dust off your coffee table

Disinfect your oily remotes which smell like your last dinner, Yikes!

Fold your blankets (its okay you can do it)

Newspapers aren’t an aesthetic, find a place to stack them

A quick (guilty) 30 second vacuum to pick up all your food crumbs.


2- Minute to clean it: Kitchen

While you’re waiting for your pasta to boil

Stop ignoring the grimy stove knobs and wipe them

Sweep out all dying veggies and leftovers and unload your fridge

Collect all bowls and cups lying as decoration pieces around the house

Rinse the kitchen sink and quickly pour vinegar down the drain

A quick tinder-similar swipe on the kitchen counter


3- Minute to clean it: Bedroom

The room you were secretly wishing I skip (hehe)

Push all your kids toys under the bed. Kidding! Have a basket for the toys.

Swish swoosh all the dirty clothes in the laundry room like a superwoman.

Dust off your dresser

A clean bed compensates for all the mess


4- Minute to clean it: Bathroom

We can all try to spare a few minutes for cleaning during our long showers channelling our inner Taylor Swift 

Wipe down the bathroom mirror

Move your hand in the downward direction, Voila! A faucet waiting for you to wipe it too

Scrub the toilet (there there) 

It’s about time you switch out your towels

Some lavender deodorizer just to feel good about that couple of minutes long exercises you did there.


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