Making laundry less tedious: 5 easy tips that work well for me

making laundry less tedious

I’m a clothes hoarder, but in what world does that mean I’d like to affiliate myself with this painful process of washing clothes? The Sunday which I’m supposed to spend on more thrift shopping (guilty), I end up going through multiple traumatic cycles of Wash, Spin, Dry, Fold, Go-through-a-million-muscle-pulls, and Repeat.

I’m sure you can relate to my dreadful story, and are looking for an easy way out, one that involves less labour, more automation, and zero muscle pains. After thorough research (and a lot of complaining), I’ve found a few secret tips that once incorporated in one’s daily routine can make doing laundry less tedious, so read along!

1- You know it, Stop waiting for the weekend!

Here I am whining about laundry ruining my Sunday plans when I clearly have the liberty to do so otherwise. Instead of filling up your laundry basket, make it a ritual of doing a load of it everyday. Start off with five pieces of clothing and work your way up.

2- Daily Schedule

Your everyday laundry can be made less lengthy if you follow these tips. Tip Uno: If you have multiple family members, have a separate hamper for each person. Tip Dos: Choosing cold water setting on your washer will prevent color transfer. Tip Tres: Because of tip two you don’t have to separate clothes always.

3- Eco-friendly detergents

While you’re making your laundry routine better, convince yourself to go for eco-friendly laundry detergents. They are less harmful to the fabric and don’t tear it apart. Chemical based detergents can also be detrimental to one’s health.

4- Make it a family chore

Since doing laundry has become fully automated, everyone should do their own laundry. It’s a great way to instil hygienic habits in your kids. Divide your whole week; Mondays can be done by your significant other, Tuesday and Wednesday can be done by your kids and so on.

5- Lastly: The daunting task of folding

This step is where I used to lose all my cleaning motivation (because it’s pretty much the only part that requires physical movement and who likes that?) but luckily I found an escape from this too:

 – Hang your jeans on a pants hanger instead of folding
– For sloppy clothing items like hoodies, simply keep the hood out, fold the shirt upwards and tuck it inside the hood.
– For t-shirts and tanks, you can either roll them instead of folding, or you can stack them in one hanger.

Finally, invest in wrinkle-releasing spray and you’re good to go!


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