Is hiring a cleaning company considered building a relationship?

“They didn’t live up to our expectations”

Probably half of the in-home/on-site estimates I do for new clients are initiated as the result of their former cleaning company not fulfilling their promises, not listening, and not fixing simple mistakes EVER!

Hol-y Mol-y. No.

Communication is all important in any relationship. What one says one will do and then actually carrying out that promise or guarantee is two sides of the same coin and it is what makes or breaks the relationship.


So, is hiring a cleaning company considered building a new relationship?


Yup. I think so. We meet, we discuss our needs and our goals, then we agree to bind them together. We expect that the opposite party will carry out their side of the agreement, and similarly we are expected to contrive ours.

So, what is our idea of “open and respectful communication”? First, let’s talk about how we fulfil our part of the deal.

We listen

Queendom Cleaning has always sought to really listen. This is literally how I scaled this company from scratch – listening to my small family of people and making minor adjustments along the way.

We write it down. We put it in the quote, and we write it in about 3 different places for our team to read in the back end of things. Then what happens? We execute it 99% of the time.

What about the other 1% ? This is where you come in.

We have zero robots on our team. Only humans. Humans that 1% of the time miss that one thing. This is where you come in, we need your help and I am going to invite you to work on this relationship with us.

Be bold, tell us what you want and then expect to get it. If we don’t execute 100%, we encourage you to tell us. I want to point out here that we do quality checks in-home and give our team members on-going training as needed. We don’t rely on our clients to train our staff, but we sincerely welcome feedback and critique. 

Speaking of which, here is how we look at feedback:

– No hard feelings whatsoever

– Absolute gratitude for honesty

– You deserve to get what you asked for

– We relish every opportunity to see how we can be better so we can be the best

Help us provide you a better experience

If we can’t listen to you and fix things, we don’t deserve you. We want to grow and be the best we can be. To do that, we must listen to you. Attached below is a 3- step feedback form. I encourage you to take two minutes to fill it out and give us the opportunity to make it worth your while.