Genius Hacks for Spring Clean under 5$

Genius Hacks for Spring Clean under 5$

Oh, the smell of Spring, the birds chirping more sweetly than ever, the blooming tulips of Alberta, and the shining sun all set in place to awaken my inner cleaning goddess and whop up Spring Cleaning Hacks which are inexpensive yet highly effective. 

Exactly what you’re looking for? Then read along to know about spring cleaning tips!

1- Squeaky clean surfaces:

DIY cleaners including vinegar (you guessed it) and water solution can be used to clean all types of surfaces when it comes to home cleaning. Spray the solution on the inside of the refrigerator and wipe. 

Sprinkle baking soda over countertops and clean using old t-shirts, flour sacks, and dish towels to clean. Clean your showerhead by placing a bag full of white vinegar over it and rinsing off after a few hours

2- Lint roll your way:

Use a lint roller on lampshades to dust them off, and to spot clean carpets periodically. 

On day to day basis, use a lint roller to remove dust and pet hair from upholstery and reduce blanket fuzz.

3- Solutions for nasty crevices:

Instead of throwing out old toothbrushes and toilet paper rolls (who would have thought right), make use of them in cleaning tight spaces and crevices.

4- Tackle dirty appliances:

Fill a bowl with water and put a few drops of liquid dish soap or half a lemon. Put the bowl in the microwave for a few minutes and it will loosen the grime. 

To clean an oven, mix half cup of baking powder in water and spread the paste on the bottom of the oven, wipe after leaving overnight. 

5- Favorite hack: Pillowcase duster:

We have been endorsing this hack since the very beginning of this blog. The cheapest and most effective way of cleaning ceiling fans using pillowcases. Put the pillowcase over each blade and pull off the dust.

6- Cash in bottles and containers:

Cleaning is always fun when one is getting paid for it. Collect empty bottles and containers around the house and instead of throwing them away, make a trip to your local recycling center and earn a few $$

Relax, sit back, feel the goodness of spring, and treat yourself with the money you’ve saved (it’s time to buy those shoes). Remember, you can always reach out to us at Queendom to provide cleaning services. Happy Spring!

Here at Queendom, it’s valuable for you to hire us because we believe in treating houses like homes. Our aim is to facilitate individuals in better living and allowing them to trust us to take care of the molds and the grime.