5 ways to reduce waste and save money at home

5 ways to reduce waste and money

Whether you’re a clean freak or just a highly observant person, you’re well aware of how much waste is accumulated in a household on a daily basis. All new cleaning, decluttering and organizing trends have taken a toll on waste reduction habits. So, while you’re with us on this cleaning journey, learn about a few ways to reduce waste with the added perk of saving money. Two for one always seems like a good deal doesn’t it? Read along!

1- Repeat with me: First In First Out:

Oh, who would have thought that the golden rule of FIFO might become our secret tip in reducing waste. This method allows you to label your food according to their expiry dates. For example, while unloading groceries in your fridge, place the older items in front of the newer items which will allow you to fully utilize all available stock and reduce waste. 

2- Composting

Yes, you can compost at home with a few easy steps. Order a composting bin from Amazon and you can place it in a kitchen cabinet or in your backyard. A composting bin needs two greens (fruit and veggies scrap, tea bags, coffee grounds etc.) and browns (rice, grains, eggshells, pasta etc.). Layer the ingredients according to proper composting techniques and you’re good to go.

3- Cut down on grocery rounds

Not only is it tedious to go grocery shopping every month, it also makes one buy heap loads of plastic products that only clutter your pantry. This is why we recommend bulk buying. Have glass containers (or plastic for child safety)  for everything at home including cleaning products, spices, cereals, liquids etc. After buying items in bulk, fill up your containers and store the rest in your pantry. Bonus point: you’ll be saving a lot of $$.

4- Join buy and sell groups

These groups will help you in generating fast cash by selling items that are taking extra space in your home and need a new house. Apart from the stuff that can be donated, any electronics, clothes, furniture can be sold on these groups.

5- Reducing plastic consumption

There are multiple ways to replace your current habits with new ones that reduce plastic consumption. To name a few; avoid plastic straws, replace shoppers with cloth bags, use glass containers, switch to laundry detergent strips, use reusable razors, adopt paperless billing, choose reusable cups to go.

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