Plant-based home cleaning products as natural as the air you breathe.

What we do not promise

What we promise

The difference is like day and night.

Magical Cleaning Cream

This new magical cleaning cream actually works magic. Made with plant-based minerals, natural surfactants and a whole lot of secret science.

Magical Cleaning Powder

Our cleaning powder uses the cleaning power of Mother Nature. Use it to remove the most stubborn stains like grease without leaving a scratch.

What people are saying about it.

Ariell V.

“ So excited that I got to try out the cleaning cream from Queendom Cleaning Ltd. I’m not sure if my stove top has ever come so clean”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We made the cleaning powder and paste for several reasons:

    1. It was difficult and almost impossible to find a product that was clean and natural
    2. It was almost impossible to find a product that wouldn’t scratch a chrome tap
    3. Most cleaning pastes were either very ineffective or were incredibly expensive
    4. Nothing was good enough for Queedom 🙂 We want non-toxic, eco-friendly, and highly
      effective products that we understand!

    Our powder is made with natural minerals, and our cream is made with a biodegradable surfactant and minerals.

    We have formulated these products to be virtually scratch free. They are made with soft natural abrasives, and we have never experienced damage from these products. We do recommend you ALWAYS spot test before getting too crazy!

    You can use these on most non-porous hard surfaces like counters, sinks (including composite), chrome, stainless steel, porcelain, glass, pots, pans, cutlery, showers, tubs, tile, sealed grout, and sealed granite. It is safe for use on some stone surfaces, but some surfaces may be sealed and require specific cleaning products. Always refer to your care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

    Avoid use on: unsealed stone, granite, or grout, wood, soft plastics and plastic shower surrounds (use a soft cloth only and spot test), soft and porous materials, people, and pets.

    Always be sure to read and follow manufacturer labels and to spot test cleaning products on an inconspicuous area.

    The glass containers are recyclable, please wash them first!

    Our cleaning powder and paste are packed in washable re-usable containers! You can safely reuse these containers if you wash them really well, or you can wash them and donate them to a thrift store.

    We post videos on our YouTube page. Click here!

    You can:

    1. Buy it on our website and have it shipped to your home.
    2. Buy it on our website and have it delivered within Spruce Grove or Stony Plain, Alberta for $5.00.
    3. Order it with your cleaning service by emailing us at info@queendomcleaning.com
    4. Buy it on our website and pick it up by request (in Spruce Grove).

    Yes and no.

    While the product is natural and non-toxic, they are made with minerals, and not the kind we take in our vitamins. You will want to keep these out of reach in a safe area. You will want to avoid getting these products in your eyes, ingesting them, and breathing the powder in excessively. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, consider wearing gloves. But, these products are so gentle that our cleaning teams have never had an issue with them getting on their skin.

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    Queendom Cleaning Ltd. is based in Spruce Grove, Alberta. We work locally and provide jobs to people that are our neighbors, and yours, in an effort to invest in our community. We make earth, health, and safety conscious decisions in order to provide an ideal service to you and your family.

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