Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

A plant-based Bathtub and shower cleaner – made for the lazy!

Home-made with environmental-friendly ingredients and by an environmental scientist, this bathtub cleaner is as easy as one-two-three. No seriously. The first step is to rain-spray the cleaner all over the tub, the second step is to walk away like the Queen of Mean, and then rinse it off when you feel like it.

Just like an antivirus, this heavy-hitting cleaner cures stubborn soap scum, hard water build-up, and mineral deposits on your shower, bathtubs, sinks, taps, and doorknobs – leaving behind a satisfyingly-clean bathtub.

Good for you, great for the environment:

It reduces plastic use by 90% – thanks to a reusable glass bottle.
Nothing goes to waste. Re-use the bottle, donate it or grow little plants in it
Tried, tested, and used by a Canadian home cleaning company for 4 years

I used the shower tub and tile cleaner, and that worked awesome, and made an easy job of it so that made me happy. Moniqua G, Facebook.

Silently slip this super-easy bathtub cleaner into your cart and take a small step towards eco-friendly living.


How long will an 8 oz bottle last?
The 8 oz bottle will make 4 refills of a gentle cleaner and 2 refills of a strong cleaner (we recommend strong for mineral build up) in a 16 oz or 473-500 mL bottle.

How long will a 16 oz bottle last?
The 16 oz bottle will make 8 gentle cleaner refills or 4 strong refills. You can use any spray bottle you have at home – just rinse it out really well first.

Is this safe to use around pets and children?
Yes, it is safe. We encourage you to research our ingredients so you can make sure you like
them. They are natural ingredients.

Is this product safe to use on any surface?
DO NOT USE on Natural stone or wood. This is for hard surfaces like glass, porcelain, and chrome. It is safe to let it sit on these surfaces and is safe to sit on stainless steel as well. For surfaces needing a major overhaul, you may wish to follow with some scrubbing with our Cleaning Cream.

Does this product remove soap scum and mineral deposits?
A big yes! It does all the work for you and removes that extremely awful and difficult to remove soap scum and mineral deposits in your shower, tub, sinks, and taps. You can let it sit and do the work for you.

Are your products zero waste?
Pretty much. Unfortunately, we cannot get away from plastic caps and spray nozzles, but these
do last quite a long time. All of our packaging is either re-usable (and you will want to re-use
them because they are cute) or recyclable. In the lab, we also recycle, compost, or re-use

Are your products eco-friendly and non-toxic?
Yes! All of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and

Are your products tested on animals?
No, absolutely not. My cats prefer catnip anyway.

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16 oz/473 mL, 8 oz/236 ML

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