Cleaning Powder

You have finally found it – a chemical free, eco-friendly, zero waste cleaning powder that actually works!

So many cleaning powders out there are laden with chemicals and lacking in cleaning power. A quick search will reveal that few natural cleaning powders are available, and if they are, they are usually powered by baking soda. 

Our Cleaning Powder harnesses the power of Mother Nature. It is a blend of two simple, earth based minerals that remove rust, soap scum, scuffs, grease, mineral deposits, and stains on hard surfaces without leaving a scratch – not even a minor one!

Gorgeous, Functional Packaging.

This quite magical product comes to you inside a tall glass jar with a shaker lid. It’s reusable – so you can grow herbs in it or donate it to your local thrift store (after washing of course).

So you’re buying a cleaning powder that works with a capital W, polishes all of your household appliances without scratching them, does right by our environment, minimizes plastic use, and doesn’t require a subscription to give you a decent price.

P.S. This powder is hand crafted by our CEO and real Scientist – Jen!



How To Use Our Cleaning Powder:

Here are some of the many ways you can safely clean your home to an impressive sparkle with our cleaning powder:

●  Sprinkle into any sink, add a splash of water to make a paste, and scrub hard with a soft cloth to deep clean the sink. Rinse clean and wipe dry.

●  Pat a teeny tiny dab onto a damp cloth and use it to gently rub away mineral deposits/water stains on chrome fixtures, to remove stains from counters, sinks, and walls, or to remove sticker residue.

●  Shake it on your stove top (glass, stainless steel, porcelain) and add a little bit of water or your favorite non-toxic all purpose cleaner to help make a paste. You can add more liquid as needed, the powder goes a long way. Scrub the appliance to remove grease, stuck on food, and other stains. Spray and wipe, then buff dry.

●  Make a paste with water and scrub your oven glass.

●  Sprinkle it in the tub and scrub everything (add some water)

●  Use it to clean a stained toilet: Turn the water off and flush the toilet, add your powder
and scrub with a microfiber cloth.

●  Remove stuck on food, rust, stains, or discoloration from pots, pans, cutlery, and other
dishes (always rinse very well).

●  Polish you silverware or jewelry (mix with water, and always spot test!)



Avoid shaking it wildly to make clouds of powder and do not breathe it in

 Do not ingest this product or get it in your eyes

 Keep away from pets and children

 Always spot test before using

 Ask if you aren’t sure

 Don’t use this on unsealed stone or granite, wood, or any other soft or porous material. It
is best for hard non-porous surfaces that you can put water on.

Additional information

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