Cleaning Cream

This cleaning cream is what you have been looking for!

Yes! Gentle yet powerful, this product can do things you didn’t know were possible.

  • Totally clean and polish your stove top (stainless, glass, and stone)
  • Deep clean stainless steel (uncoated only)
  • Remove iron staining from showers and tubs
  • Deep clean your kitchen sink
  • Scrub off soap scum and mineral build up
  • Polish and shine sinks, tubs, toilets, counters, and glass
  • Get water stains off of your dishwasher
  • Make appliances look new again
  • And so…much…more!

What makes it 10x better than any product out there is that it is 110% eco-friendly and it is packed in reusable containers. This cream hand-made with plant-based minerals, natural surfactants, and a whole lot of science. It comes in a super cute glass tub with a fancy metal lid.

The best part? You aren’t paying $30 for something that kinda works and you do NOT have to subscribe to get a great deal!

P.S. We sell out fast! Handmade Canadian cleaning products made by a professional cleaner and scientist? Heck yes!

“ So excited that I got to try out the cleaning cream from Queendom Cleaning Ltd. I’m not sure if my stove top has ever come so clean”  – Ariell V

*16 oz/473 mL glass jar with metal lid


How to Use our Cleaning Cream:

The cream is already hydrated for you with a gentle, non-toxic, eco-friendly, degreasing gel. This gives it a ton of extra cleaning power.  The gel part of the cream helps lift stains and soil off surfaces easier and makes the cream quick and easy to use.

To use the cream simply dab it onto a microfiber cloth and rub/scrub with varying degrees of power. Always spot test first. You can let it sit for a bit to soak, but once it starts to dry up it won’t do much more without your help. You can add a little bit of water if it starts to dry up. Just like our powder, it doesn’t dissolve, so a little goes a long way!

You can use a scrub pad, but that may increase your chance of damaging surfaces by scratching them, so it is best to avoid this unless you are certain you can clean your surface with the tool you want to you. (We don’t recommend it).

Once you are satisfied, rinse the product off, or wipe it off. Spray the surface once more with water or cleaner and then buff dry. To get shiny surfaces shinier, we always buff with a dry clean cloth.

This is an incredible replacement for toxic, ineffective, and expensive cleaners sold for cleaning glass stove tops and for removing build up or stains from glass shower doors, sinks, toilets, and tubs!

Additional information

Weight 0.435 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 11 cm

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