We couldn’t keep these cleaning products a secret, any longer!

Bliss has been the magical ingredient in a Canadian home cleaning service for over 4 years and we couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. It was created by Jen, an environmental scientist, and a professional home cleaner.
This means that every bliss product made is made with experience, plant-based, and eco-friendly ingredients packed inside zero-waste jars.

Cleaning Cream

Made in concentrated formats to reduce packaging needs

Pet Friendly

Safe to use where pets and children crawl…and lick the floor.

Zero Waste

All of your products come in reusable packaging. If you can’t reuse it, donate it or recycle it!

As lovers of all things clean, we usually experience one of three things

You find a fantastic product but it disappears off the market, or you find a promising product online but you have to subscribe to monthly payments, or you finally get your hands on a product that works but you pass out from the fumes! Not good.Safe for people, pets, and the environment! We know a little too much about how pesky and persistent old stains can be, but also how harsh those popular cleaning products can be for your home. That’s why we made Bliss from gentle ingredients safe for everyone – people, pets, and the environment

Works on stubborn stains, hard water build up, and 47 other surfaces!

You can now safely clean 47 surfaces in your home to a streak-free shine with our All-Purpose Cleaner. You can finally spray a Shower, Tub, and Tile cleaner that removes stubborn hard water stains, mineral build-up without wearing your gas mask. That cleaning powder that your Grandma uses and scares you to death finally has a serious competitor. And most exciting of all: a Cleaning Cream with endless uses that won’t scratch your delicate surfaces!

So, are you ready to be blown away by Bliss?

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